Ludum Dare 30 - Start of Day 3

Looking pretty nice. Just tweaking, adding extra screens (start/logo/credits/etc.), and filling in graphics. Looking pretty good for release.


Ludum Dare 30 - Day 2 Midday

Making good progress. Art is coming together, most of the mechanics are in and only need tweaking at this point. Looking pretty good.


Ludum Dare 30 - End of Day 1

So here we are at the end of the first day, closing up the A Flat Miner "studio" at around 2am. Was a pretty good night, with everyone contributing greatly to the effort. We all had great ideas to go with the theme, eventually landing on an arcadey action game themed around Heaven/Hell/Earth. Jen, Jesse, and Carla worked on characters, theme, and title, while John and I worked on coding the basic systems. We were actually fairly close to a prototype-art working game when we quit for the night. A small amount of effort tomorrow, we'll have something we can call a game.


Ludum Dare 30 - "Connected Worlds"

First screenshot of our Ludum Dare 30 entry for the theme "Connected Worlds".


Ludum Dare 29 - Amongst the Sand & Spice

Alright, took my time, got sick, had gigs and practices... but I got it done in time for the Game Jam deadline. Built using Game Maker Studio and all my own assets. (Basically the full competition rules, except for the time limit.) Download links are below.

The game:
You are a hungry sandworm beneath the sands of a desert planet. Use your sensitive seismic location abilities to track down delicious Fremen foolish enough to walk through your desert. Local flora such as cacti post no threat to your immensity, but watch out for rock formations that extend deep below the sands.


Ludum Dare 27 - Fan Art

Ok, so I guess Dan and I are "big time developers" now. We've got fanart for Noah's Tasty Confusion...

And, of course, a censored version:

Ludum Dare 27 - part 7 (Complete!)

Noah's Tasty Confusion

Alright, it's packaged up and ready to go. The download link is below. The funny intro movie will come at some later point.

Ludum Dare 27 - part 6

Alright, outside of the intro movie and start screen, it's complete. Could use some polish, for sure. Maybe later this week after I turn it in. We came up with a decently funny name for it: Noah's Tasty Confusion. Since the alarm clock is going to kick off in about 30 minutes, I might as well stay up and work on it a bit more. I guess a title screen would be good.

Ludum Dare 27 - part 5

Been tired all day, whew. Good progress, though. Got the dude approaching, talking, eating, talking again, moving on. Got all of Dan's sprites in so far, with special sounds for the ones that have special sounds. All the rest get one of the 8-9 (for each situation) generic lines. Worked out pretty well.

Still need: scoring & the intro "movie". Got to explain how we're tying in that theme somehow. And if we can pull it off, it'll be pretty funny stuff. Dan's lines are already pretty good. Still got plenty of polish to do, but what project doesn't?

Ludum Dare 27 - part 4

Finally made some headway earlier this afternoon/evening. The basic engine is in, I'm just modifying the sound generating object to handle multiple types of animal's specific sounds in addition to just the generic sound effects. Full random would be cake to do, but most of the animal-specific ones are paired, (i.e. the before sound flows right into the after sound) So I've got to figure out a good way (in GM) to make sure that if it picks a non-generic one at random, it'll also play its pair in the later event. Got a few half-ideas. One will coalesce eventually.


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